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One-click HR Management

Appogee HR allows you to complete your most common HR tasks in a fast and simple way. We keep you just a click away from your next employee with easy access to all core information and records.

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Employee Switcher

Use the Employee Switcher tool to take you to your next employee in just one click, whilst keeping the context of the page the same.

Employee switcher

Single Dashboard for actions and key information

One location for all your actions and key information to make your life easier. Just log in and see at a quick glance all you need to know, with the option to access further information at records in seconds.

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Appogee HR Management solutions

Appogee HR is available in two packages. Appogee HR Essentials for core HR admin management and Appogee HR Success for advancing your HR strategy. Find out more.

HR Essentials HR Success
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