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Bradford Factor Tracking

Appogee Leave’s ability to calculate and report the Bradford score, provides a simple solution to managing your companies sickness levels.

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Sickness management is something companies often find hard to control and monitor. The Bradford Factor is a simple calculation used by many companies to show periods of short, frequent sickness from an employee. The calculations can highlight individuals within your organisation that may need further investigation into the sickness leave they have taken. It is often short and unplanned absence that can cause the greatest disruption to a business.

The Formula:  S2 x D=BF

S=Sick Instances Taken     D=Duration of time in Days     BF=Bradford Factor

For example:

1 instance of absence with a duration of 10 days (1x1x10)=10 points         5 instances of absence; each of two days (5x5x10)=250 points

Each company tends to decide where the boundaries are for when scores become an issue, these will be shown in your Bradford Factor report with Appogee Leave

Having the Bradford Factor in place can also be a deterrent from staff choosing to take sick days unless completely necessary, as they are aware there is a system in place to highlight such absence.

Appogee Leave incorporates the Bradford Factor into our reporting function. Sickness management can be easily monitored from a simple, regular report, with changeable teams and date ranges at the click of a button. The user can select to view the Bradford Factor on a chart or listed scores of each employee.


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