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Appogee Leave Hosting

Securely hosted on the Google Cloud Platform

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Data-center hosting and certifications

Appogee HR develops its applications on Google App Engine. This is a highly scalable and available application hosting and data centre environment which is secured directly by Google’s information, application and network security teams with over 250 security staff working on behalf of Appogee HR and other ISV’s using the Google Cloud Platform. Google’s data center operations and security capabilities provide Appogee with world-class security, performance and availability for our application services as a fully managed 24×7 service. For more information read about Google Data Center security.

Google data protection

How we protect your data

Appogee Leave data is automatically encrypted at rest by the Google Cloud Platform. Data is encrypted under 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128), and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys. All Appogee Leave servers are hosted with a 2048 bit SSL certificate, which encrypts data between the Appogee Leave user’s browser client and our application servers. Some customer licensing data is transferred within Google data-centers between Appogee Leave’s application and licensing servers and this is also fully encrypted.

Google control the keys for encryption at rest and Appogee Leave controls the SSL certificates (between user and application) and the keys for server to server encryption.

Please see more information on our data security policy here.

Google data protection