Record Project & Activity Time with ease  

Easily record time spent on projects and activities with Appogee Time. Create a customised list of activities so your staff can select what they're working on and when. Use the data recorded to create insightful reports on time taken so you can accurately analyse budgets and billing in your reporting.

DOCUMENT Time Taken on Any Activity or Project

  • Untitled design (55) Record What Staff Have Worked On

    In just a few clicks your employees can select which activity they're working on.

  • Untitled design (54) Customisable Activity List

    Create a list of any kind of activities to suit your business in-app so staff can select the appropriate activity.

  • Untitled design (56) Accessible From Anywhere

    Our activity time tracking software is 100% secure and accessible from wherever your staff are working.


  • Untitled design (18)-1 Report On Time Spent

    Check the time taken on activities to use in your reporting internally or to clients.

  • Untitled design (49) Export Data To Create Reports

    Export project time data to see how long projects have taken, who has worked on what and calculate costs.

  • Untitled design (66)-1 Create Meaningful Insights

    Use the activity data to create insightful reports to help you with budgeting and billing.


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Simply manage time employees work via easy to use clock in/ clock out functionality with timesheets. Report on where your employees are working from with our secure staff location recording & office capacity manager.
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Appogee Time is currently available for a 14 day free trial as a standalone product, as an add on for Appogee Leave and Appogee HR Essentials or, it's included as part of Appogee HR Success. If you're keen to find out more about Appogee Time and your options, request a demo with a member of our team today!