Upgrade to Appogee HR to benefit from the following additional features;

  • Employee Self-Service Employee Self-Service

    Staff can edit their own employee profile and keep it up to date. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures your data is always accurate.

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  • Centralised Employee Information Centralised Employee Information

    Appogee HR allows you to manage staff records centrally, giving you easy visibility of each staff member and team across the entire organisation.

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  • Performance Tracking Performance Tracking

    Performance tracking and recording are made easy with Appogee HR. Manage the whole process, store outcomes and set alerts for the next review dates.

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  • Workflows and Checklists Workflows and Checklists

    Use the workflow automation function to create checklists for your employees and managers. Ensure company procedures are followed with training and reviews done on time.

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  • On-Demand Reporting On-Demand Reporting

    Create, filter, save and schedule customisable, accurate, meaningful and up to date reports in an instant. Report on any piece of information that you store on your employees.

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  • Customisable Customisable

    Configure Appogee HR to reflect the way your company runs HR. Choose the employee data you want to capture through configurable fields and categories.

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Upgrading to Appogee HR couldn’t be Easier


To upgrade to an Appogee HR trial and try out all of the additional features above, please head to the “Upgrade to Appogee HR” button from your Appogee Leave menu or click here to take you straight to the trial upgrade screen. Please note, taking an upgrade trial must be completed by an Admin.

Upgrading your Appogee Leave licenses to an Appogee HR trial will keep your Leave data intact. If you choose to go ahead and purchase then your trial will become a licenses account. If you decide to stick with Appogee Leave only, on expiry, your account will revert back to Leave only. On taking out the upgrade trial, only you will have access and will need to switch on access for any users who you would like to also be able to trial.

For more information on upgrading to Appogee HR please get in touch or take a look through the following  support article


Upgrade from Appogee Leave to Appogee HR