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Arrivals: Appogee Leave Version 7

Our Arrivals blog series highlights new company and product announcements. In this post we announce the upcoming version of Appogee Leave.

We are always on the lookout for ideas to improve our applications and are thankful for the feedback we continue to receive from our loyal customer base across the globe.

In response to our customers and partners feature suggestions, we are excited to be releasing a number of updates that will improve the management experience when configuring and administering Appogee Leave. In particular, we will be releasing a preview of “Absence Organisation Units”, some new configuration and user interface improvements, and Spanish language support - increíble!


Absence Organisation Units (AOUs) - Preview

With the introduction of Absence Organisation Units (AOU), administrators will have the ability to segment Appogee Leave into smaller organizational units. Administrative tasks, such as the configuration of users, teams or employment profiles will then be delegated to HR Admins of these Absence Organisation Units. This is particularly helpful to larger organisations who manage large quantities of users & teams and also allow for greater control over team visibility.

Initially, interested customers can request access to the preview version of AOUs. If you think you would benefit from this feature please send a quick note expressing your interest to customer.service@appogee.co.uk.

Configuration Improvements

Inactive Team Profiles simplify the set-up and configuration process when implementing Appogee Leave. This will enable HR admins to organise teams without needing to activate users in advance.

Improved Role Identification makes it easier for administrators to view user roles within the application, to ensure their company’s security and privacy requirements are met.


Spanish Language Support

With the help of our partner community, Appogee Leave is now available in Spanish. We’re proud to provide all customers with the opportunity to add their own languages via our Translations Tool, and hope to see more languages available soon. For now, we support English, French, and Spanish.


Other Improvements

The User Interface will adopt a responsive widescreen format, making it easier to view various components such as the “Year At A Glance” and “Team Calendar”.


Accruals - Organisations who use accruals can configure their accruals to occur on two specific dates in the month.


Appogee Leave customers can expect to see Version 7 live in the next few days. We're happy to receive your feedback, so please get in touch, add your feature requests - and if you really like what we’ve done, give Appogee Leave a 5 star customer review.