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Arrivals: Appogee HR Version 4.2

Today we launch the latest release of Appogee HR, version 4.2. The latest version includes complex notifications for increased system automation.

The update includes:


  • Notifications on Employee Profile date fields: Want to know when an employee’s work anniversary is, or be notified when the next performance review is only a week away? Set up notifications to let you know.
  • Notifications on Records: Configure notifications to let you know when records need reviewing and updating.
  • Company Document Notifications: Get notified when a company document is due to be reviewed, i.e the health and safety document might need to be reviewed and resent to employees for acknowledgement.
  • Notification Configuration: This can be performed by HR Managers from the Reporting -> Notifications page.
  • Nudge functionality for actions: Gently remind employees that they have outstanding actions by sending them a nudge reminder.The update has come directly from great customer feedback on our system. Please feel free to share thoughts on what you would like to see in Appogee HR through our feature suggestion page.For more information on the update, please see our help article here or contact our support team at support@appogeehr.com.