Arrivals: Appogee Leave V9 launch update

We are pleased to announce Appogee Leave V9, launching Monday 14th September. This update is based on our customer feedback and feature suggestions.

In Appogee Leave V9 you will notice the following updates and changes:

Update ”Paid” and “Unpaid” leave to “Deducted from allowance” and “Does not deduct from allowance” 

Feedback has suggested this would be clearer when requesting leave.


Half Day Public Holidays

Functionality for administrators to configure half day public holidays.


Year at a glance view for managers Managers able to view employee’s absence using a year at a glance view, similar to the Dashboard screen.


Carry over holiday debt

Update to carry over, such that employees who exceed their allowance in one year, will see a reduced balance in the following year.


Prevent users from requesting leave that exceeds allowance

Option to prevent employees from requesting leave that will exceed their remaining allowance.


Office 365 Calendar Sync

The latest release in our Office 365 integration will mean that leave requested in Appogee Leave will pull through to your Office 365 Calendar.


We’d like to thank our customers for their feedback and hope they are excited to see the changes next week.