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Embracing the employee journey through technology: from application to vacation and beyond

shutterstock_210370135Each employee’s journey with your company is individual but there are elements of the process that will follow a similar pattern. Ensuring there is a process behind each stage is critical to enhancing the employee experience and empowering managers to utilise automation through cutting-edge HR Software. 

In this blog, we outline the significant touchpoints of the employee journey and how you can enhance each one using technology to create the ultimate employee experience.  

The hiring process

In the competitive modern world, finding the right candidate for your open position can be challenging. Social media can be a great place to source talent, with plenty of professionals seeking work on sites such as LinkedIn. Posting details of the position your hiring for, on one or more social platform can enable them to come straight to you. Then, once they’ve applied, using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provides you with an area to easily manage the process through to job offer acceptance. 

By integrating your ATS with HR Software you can ensure a seamlessly integrated your new hire into your business. Find out more on this on our dedicated integration webpage. 

Onboard with ease

Kicking off your journey with your new hire can start with preboarding. Using HR Software with an onboarding portal can automate this process from before day one, meaning before their first day you can set up profiles to introduce the team, emails to provide them with information on where to park and even allow them to prebook leave requests.  

A great onboarding process could be the ticket to retaining your new hire, according to a survey from Glassdoor “Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82%”. Check out our infographic for some top tips to retain your new hire.

Providing access to specific company documents they may need to be aware of can also help transition your new employee into their role. Providing these documents in HR Software can help with allowing employees to have access to what they need to know about your company.

Absence and leave management

There will come a time when your employee will need to take leave – a self-service absence management module can help with avoiding awkward conversations around sickness or bereavement leave.

Self-service shows you trust your employees and integration with your calendars means there are no issues over individuals not knowing where team members are, as well as avoiding a lot of paperwork for you or your managers.

Performance reviews

Continuous performance reviews are necessary throughout the employee journey. Providing employees with feedback, at least quarterly, will help engage the employee with their role and your company. Providing full oversight on the achievements of employees or teams can also help senior management make decisions on how everyone is performing leading to critical decisions on potential changes to their role. Using an HRMS which supports 360-degree feedback can also help determine the views of other team members.

Once a promotion or change of role has been agreed upon you can also easily keep track of what roles they have had in the software ensuring full oversight of their journey with you. 


When your employee decides to end their journey with you, whether due to retirement or a change in job, HR Software can help you have an easy to access audit trail in the cloud to help with compliance management throughout the journey, whilst remaining 100% secure.

To help with processes get HR Software which can help with process automation and integrating with an ATS means you can provide an excellent employee experience throughout their journey with you from 1st contact right through to offboarding. 

Appogee HR is proud to integrate with LinkedIn Talent Hub, providing a seamless employee journey. Find out more about our integration here. To try Appogee HR free for 14 days click here.

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