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HR From Anywhere: Advancing Your People Management

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A cloud based HR software solution is a must-have to make sure HR can run smoothly throughout each employee’s journey, especially if you have staff working remotely. Ensuring your chosen solution is 100% secure and cloud-based is critical, and it must be easy to use and adopt.

Having essential features such as absence management, employee self-service access and employee profiles and records usually cover the basic requirements to manage HR. However, for those who wish to advance their people management, whether your staff are in the office, working remotely or a mix of both, there’s much more required.

Onboarding new starters remotely

Firstly, to kick off any employee journey the right way you need to ensure your onboarding process is the best it can be. Having this portal is a great first step which can help your onboarding process really skyrocket, keeping your new starter engaged and ensuring they feel welcome.

Using a portal can provide your new hire access to all the need to know information about your company online before their first day will be really helpful to them from a practical standpoint. You can also use this to automate any welcome emails, provide contact details for their line manager, see their new team members online profiles and allow them to upload any documents that you’d like to see from them such as right to work information or any qualifications. This leaves them feeling fully organised and ready for their first day.

Advancing your company document management

Advanced company document management allows you to create one simple and easy to use section in your system which contains everything your employees legally need to know.  This is particularly important at the moment as companies are updating working from home policies, creating return to the office instructions and should be communicating any updated safety procedures. These not only need to be easily accessible in one secure area but also read/write access control needs to be managed. For example, you may wish for your senior leadership team to be able to edit and upload new versions of documents, while the rest of your employees have read only access.

Another key advanced feature which separates HR tech from typical cloud storage is the ability to track who has read or acknowledged these policies. This is particularly important during times where you may wish to keep track and keep an audit of who you may need to “nudge” to acknowledge these. 

For more information about advancing your company document management, check out our dedicated blog.

Reviewing employee performance

Being able to utilise the same software solution for any kind of employee review, including performance, disciplinary, end of probation or any other kind of review, allows you to keep all of this in one place. This can help you by providing an audit trail or ensure you can refer back to any older reviews to check on what was previously discussed and ensure progress is being made.

Regarding the review process, being able to have this in-app allows for each team manager to use the same templates across the organisation for each member of staff. This allows for consistency of all the different kinds of reviews throughout the organisation, which can be particularly important to ensure the review is unbiased. For performance reviews, the requirements you have for manager appraisal, employee self-assessment, 360 feedback, shout-outs and reviews against goals, are collated in your review section so you can refer back to anything you need to at your convenience.

Reviewing employee performance when you have remote workers, means you’re likely to be keeping them more engaged in their job and there are lots of other benefits to this too. Our blog covers the benefits in more detail. 

Company, team and personal goal management

Tracking goals, while you have employees in different locations, is still very important and this can be particularly true during periods of uncertainty where having objectives and key results to focus on can ensure your employees are keeping on the right track to business success.

From a management perspective by seeing if your goals are on track to be completed by the end of the month or quarter, this can also help you to see which departments, or members of staff, could do with more personal encouragement. This leads to more valuable leadership helping both your managers and employees work better together. 

Creating personal goals for individuals can allow your staff to connect the work they do individually right up to the company goals. This can help make all of your staff see how they’re contributing to the overall success of the company.

Tracking goals in your HR solution can be particularly beneficial for advanced people management. In our blog Keeping Your Company Goals On-Track, we explore this in more detail.

HR Reporting

Reporting on up to date employee information, leave data and any other kind of report is required whether your employees are at home or in the office. The data in your HR software solution is much more likely to be accurate as this becomes your single source of truth on your employees. You can also customise fields in your advanced HR software should you require to report on anything specific to your company or industry, creating really meaningful reports. Using easy to use filters means you can check on salary information, for example, every month and have this saved down as a regular report to check-in on. The right HR solution should be able to do this for you in just a few clicks. 

Finally, being able to automatically send reports out to, for example, the C-Suite or any team managers should also be simple to set up so your regular reports are always received on time by whoever needs to read them. 

We’ve been running live broadcasts on how to manage HR From Anywhere, covering a range of topics from The Essentials, right through to more detailed presentations on each HR topic. Our YouTube channel has all of these in a playlist, so please do check it out if you’re keen to find out more.

To find out more about how to use Appogee HR for your advanced people management, you can either request a personalised demo from a member of our team or try us free for yourself for 14 days.