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Meet the team! Abhinaba Sadhu - Junior Developer


Another wonderful addition to the team is Junior Developer Abhinaba Sadhu! Find out more about Abhi in our Meet The Team interview... 

Hi there Abhi, welcome to the team! Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi! I am Abhinaba(Avi/Abhi). I am a new Junior Software Developer at Appogee HR! I am a graduate from Middlesex University and recently stepped into the industry of Tech and Development. I’m passionate about new technologies and building sustainable and robust software. On my days off you can find me in the League of Legends Arena!

What appealed to you most about working at Appogee HR?

When I interviewed for Appogee HR I got to know about the work culture and I think it is the most appealing thing about the company. When I joined the culture was exactly what was described in the Interview rounds, people here are very friendly and welcoming in nature, with an “always ready to help” attitude by every team member which helped me through my onboarding stage.

What are you most looking forward to getting involved in?

As a Junior Developer, the most important thing for me is to know the product. As of now, I am mostly devoting my time to getting to know the whole platform and the product as a whole. There will be some major updates this year which I am looking forward to working on!

What’s the most exciting area of tech you're interested in learning?

I was always interested in learning Python as it is the most renowned language to have in your skillset as a developer. So when I got to know that Appogee HR is a python heavy product I was convinced! Also, I was always interested in building and knowing the paradigms of a SaaS product which Appogee HR is, so after graduation to learn a big product such as this was very intriguing for me.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I still remember during my school days in year six, I was introduced to HTML. I loved how you could write some lines of text in a text editor and it created a webpage. I have always prioritised computer science as a subject since then. I loved to code and always wanted to do something with it, learn more and gather more knowledge about it, which helped me to decide to take computer science for my graduation.

How do you take your tea/coffee?

I am a coffee person! I love my vanilla cappuccino with some chocolate powder on top and sometimes an extra shot when needed!.

Favourite book/movie/album and why?

I love the whole Harry Potter Series. I still remember after completing a few movies I also wanted to go to a boarding school and actually went to one in year five. I think the characters in the movie grew with me. It is still my go-to Christmas and birthday movie marathon.

Who or what inspires you?

When I started Bsc Computer Science, I struggled a bit and almost gave up. Yeah I know it's surprising as I was always so passionate. But I had a friend who never gave up on me and always encouraged me to know and learn more. I still remember that he used to break down complex algorithms into simple day to day examples which helped to learn faster. He helped to realise multiple approaches to a single problem/algorithm. He still inspires me to learn more, and to become a better programmer.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us!

I think the most interesting thing that happened to me so far is when I got an interview offer from Meta. I cleared the third round and then was not selected but the journey was amazing. I got a real insight into Facebook and how things work there. I think the things they are trying to do with multiverse tech is very interesting as a future the world is looking at stepping into.

Great, thanks Abhi and welcome on board! If you're keen to join the team too, check out our careers page for our latest vacancies