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Mavrix Technologies move HR to the cloud with Appogee HR


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The Company

Mavrix Technologies SL are a creative marketing and technology business based in Marbella with a headquarters in Malta. Mavrix Technologies have been an Appogee Leave customer for over 2 years at the Marbella office, where they currently have 35 employees. The company in total have approximately 70 employees and were formed over 2 and half years ago.

Sarah Halpenny is the Office and Employee Relations Manager and has worked with Appogee since they became a Leave customer back in 2012.


The Challenge

Since the business formed they had used Google Drive and Google forms for collecting and storing employee data. As the company has grown over the past few years this way of managing information and ensuring easy navigation was getting complicated.

This method relies on HR, Managers and Employees setting the correct access levels on documents and information whilst ensuring they are sharing with the relevant and necessary people.

This process became time-consuming and complicated for Mavrix Technologies and they needed to find a complete HR solution that would manage the collating, sharing and storing of employee records and information for staff members. Navigation of records and company information became more and more difficult for all employees and managers.

“As a growing company that specializes in technologies, it was important for us to use what’s out there and advance as we grow. Not only is it important for People Operations to evolve with growth in the company, it is also important that employees feel like they can find what they need easily.”

If Mavrix Technologies did not move forward with an HR solution soon they ran the risk of losing employee information through having “too many different ways of storing information” leading to “confusing and disorganized” systems.

“At such an early stage of our business and for any business I think it’s important to have control early on and before they’re over 100 employees.”


The Solution

Having used Appogee Leave for many years, Mavrix Technologies SL were delighted when we launched Appogee HR. This was the solution they were waiting for to implement across the business. Mavrix Technologies upgraded to Appogee HR back in April to manage HR and employee records.

Being able to have both absence management and HR employee records and information as part of the same system leads to much less confusion within the office. “There’s nothing worse than having too many systems and none of them being compatible”

Having Appogee HR across both offices will enable Mavrix Technologies to feel much closer together when it comes to HR management, whilst keeping control over employee information, company policies, checklists etc. Being able to access and edit data from anywhere on any device will make Appogee HR the “one place to find what’s relevant, alongside alerts and notifications to ensure HR keep track.”

Sarah has found that “Appogee HR is easy to navigate and find what you need”, meaning that there is no longer a concern that the employees cannot find information, or that data will be lost. Access controls are pre-set by admins so employees are able to enter data without concern over security of sensitive information. The management team have found that the “notification functionality is great for reminding them of pay reviews, probation meetings, new starters and so on. It is a one stop HR shop!”

“Dealing with Customer Services has been a pleasure. They are efficient and very responsive. All queries have been dealt with in a timely, detailed and friendly manner.  It makes setting up a new system for our company less stressful when you know you can rely on the Appogee CS team!”