Mobile Appogee Leave and HR

With this blog post, we’re highlighting some recent changes we’ve made to improve the user experience for our services when used on mobile devices.

As our customers will be aware, we have recently made some large updates to Appogee HR and Leave to improve the overall use and functionality. In line with this, it was time to update the mobile experience too. As always we are continually making updates and working on feature suggestions (lists of our monthly updates here) and our most recent update has made for a smoother journey for mobile users.



You can access Appogee Leave by opening a web browser on your mobile device and go to your Leave dashboard at

You can bookmark this page for future reference by adding this link to your device homescreen in either Chrome on Android devices or Safari on iOS devices.

My Leave has been modified to provide streamlined information appropriate to a mobile device. The full “Year at a Glance” is not shown, but the core information on your available balance is shown with a mobile-friendly button to create a new request. This allows you to initiate a new time off request as you can see on this screen.

Improved navigation leads you through the creation of an absence request from your mobile device using the Appogee Leave wizard. The request wizard steps you through creating a request in the same way as with the desktop client with our example screen showing a request for time off on Friday the 13th…

Alerts will be sent out to approvers for any new requests in the usual way. On opening requests on a mobile device an improved approval screen is displayed with large buttons and an updated management approval screen for easy reading.

Appogee HR has also undergone a makeover for mobile use. The mobile-friendly homepage provides shortcut links for ease of reference and now scrolls to provide personal dashboard information.

Keeping track of assigned checklists is now a breeze with mobile-friendly screens where you can tick off items as you complete them and, add notes and see how you’re doing.

Note that you’ll still need to use a desktop device (well, a large screen device) for selected functions such as seeing the year at a glance screen noted above, or to initiate a new checklist.

Acknowledgement request screens have been adjusted for mobile use with large friendly buttons. One less reason for any delay in getting policies approved or updated procedures acknowledged!